1. Follow the steps in Deploying the integration files in the X.509 Certificate Integration Kit documentation.
  2. Configure an adapter instance.
    Follow the general steps in Configuring an adapter instance in the X.509 Certificate Integration Kit, with the following details:
    1. On the IdP Adapter tab, in the Advanced Fields section, select the Include Subject Alternative Name (SAN) check box.
    2. On the Extended Contract tab, check that the device identifier and device type is available in the core or extended contract.
      In the Jamf IdP Adapter configuration, you can specify that the device identifier is contained in one of the following attributes:
      • deviceId
      • macAddress
      • serialNumber
      • udid

      Depending on your certificate configuration, you might need to add one of these attributes to the extended contract.

      Optionally, you can also include an attribute that contains the device type. The value must be computers or mobiledevices.