1. From the .NET Integration Kit .zip archive, copy the sample/IdpSample and sample/SpSample directories to your IIS server.
  2. Create IIS applications that point to the IdPSample and SPSample directories.
    1. On the IIS Manager navigation pane, right-click your web site, and then click Add Application.
    2. In the Alias field, enter a name, such as PingFederate .NET IdP Sample.
    3. From the Application Pool list, select an application pool that uses .NET v4.0 and runs in Integrated mode.
    4. In the Physical path field, enter the path to the IdpSample directory that you copied in step 1.
    5. Finish configuring the application. Click OK.
    6. Repeat steps a-e to create a similar application for the SpSample directory.
  3. Set the default web site document to Default.aspx.
    1. On the IIS Manager navigation pane, select your web site.
    2. In the details window, double-click Default Document.
    3. Set Default.aspx as the default content page.
  4. Give ASP.NET permission to write to the sample application config directories.
    1. In File Explorer, right-click your IdpSample/config directory, and then click Properties.
    2. On the Config Properties dialog, on the Security tab, in the Group of user names section, select the ASP.NET account (IUSR or IIS_IUSRS). Click Edit.
    3. On the Permissions for Config dialog, select Write. Click OK.
    4. On the IdpSample dialog, click OK.
    5. Repeat steps a-d for the SpSample/config directory.