The OAM IdP Adapter allows an IdP enterprise to extend an existing OAM investment by using the SAML or WS-Federation protocols to expand the reach of the OAM domain to partner applications. The OAM SP Adapter allows an SP enterprise to accept SAML or WS-Federation assertions and provide SSO to OAM-protected applications

Intended audience

This document is intended for PingFederate administrators and web application developers.

If you need help during the setup process, see the following sections of the PingFederate documentation:

System requirements

  • PingFederate 8.x or later
  • OAM Server 11g R2
  • OAM Access SDK11. (installed on the same machine running the PingFederate server)
  • OAM 11g Webgate running on Apache 2.4
  • Redhat 6.7 (if using the precompiled module included in this distribution