The OAM SP Adapter uses an authentication scheme deployed within Oracle Access Manager to create a session for the user.

The following figure illustrates the request flow and how the OAM SP Adapter is used to facilitate using a SAML WS-Federation assertion to create an OAM session:

OAM SP Implementation

Processing Steps

  1. An SSO assertion is sent to PingFederate acting as an SP.
  2. The OAM Sp Adapter redirects the user to an OAM Protected Resource secured with a PingFederate custom authentication scheme.
  3. OAM Webgate sends a request to authenticate the user.
  4. OAM Server redirects the authentication request to PingFederate.
  5. OAM SP Adapter sends the required credentials back to the OAM Server.
  6. The OAM Server validates the credentials and an 11g session is established.