Below are steps to obtain the signing certificate that is used for the digital signature verification of the PingFederate IdP. When asked during Add the signing certificate to Azure, import the certificate that you have downloaded from PingFederate. For more information on managing digital signing certificates and decryption keys, see the PingFederate documentation.

To export an existing certificate:

  1. Log into the PingFederate Administrative Console as an administrative user for your organization.
  2. Go to Server Configuration > Certificate Management > Signing & Decryption Keys & Certificates.
  3. Click Export under Action for the certificate you want to export.
  4. On the Export Certificate screen, select Certificate Only export and then click Next.
  5. On the Export & Summary screen, click Export to save the certificate file on your system.
  6. When finished, click Done.
  7. Click Cancel to go back to the Server Configuration screen.