Note: Instead of using a Twilio notification publisher, you can send email notifications directly from PingFederate by completing the steps in Configuring an SMTP Notification Publisher in the PingFederate documentation.
  1. Complete the steps in Getting your Twilio API credentials.
  2. Sign on to the PingFederate administrative console.
  3. On the System > Notification Publishers tab, click Create New Instance.
  4. On the Type tab, set the basic notification publisher instance attributes.
    1. In the Instance Name field, enter a name for the notification publisher instance.
    2. In the Instance ID field, enter a unique identifier for the notification publisher instance.
    3. In the Type list, select Twilio Verify API Notification Publisher or Twilio Programmable API Notification Publisher. Click Next.
  5. Configure the notification publisher by referring to Twilio Programmable API Notification Publisher settings reference or Twilio Verify API Notification Publisher settings reference. Click Next.
  6. On the Actions tab, click Test. Resolve any issues that are reported, and then click Next.
  7. On the Summary tab, check that the configuration is correct. Click Done.
  8. On the Notification Publishers tab, click Save.