Known issues

There are no known issues.

Known limitations

  • The Agent Toolkit for PHP supports AES/128/CBC and 3DES/168/CBC.
  • The Agent Toolkit for PHP does not support AES/256/CBC.
  • The Token Name field in the adapter configuration must be unique within the given federation, however is not enforced in the user-interface.
  • The AES/256/CBC cipher suite is not supported, due to limitations in the PHP mcrypt libraries.
  • All plain-text files have UNIX-style line feeds. This may result in difficulty editing files on a Windows computer.
  • Password obfuscation is not supported by the agent.
  • The sample application does not support local logout when set to cookie transport mode
  • If the SP adapter is set to send extended attributes as cookies, multi-value attributes will fail, because multiple cookies with the same name are not allowed.