• Identity provider (IdP) sample application
    • Acts as an IdP application in your demonstration environment.
  • Service provider (SP) sample application
    • Acts as an SP application in your demonstration environment.
  • PingFederate configuration archive
    • This archive automatically configures PingFederate with OpenToken Adapter instances to work with the two sample applications.
    • The IdP server looks up and sends authentication information to the SP.
    • The SP server forwards this information to the SP sample application to create the local user session.
    • The SP server also sends authentication requests to the IdP on behalf of local users.

Intended audience

The installation and basic usage portions of this guide are intended for PingFederate administrators and web-application architects and developers who want to test the deployment of the PHP Integration Kit or validate end-to-end integration. Some knowledge of the PingFederate administrative console and identity federation using SAML is helpful but not required.

Sections describing the optional use of the PHP source code and advanced alternative deployment scenarios are intended, respectively, for experienced PHP developers and administrators with some expertise using and deploying PingFederate in a production environment.

System requirements

  • PingFederate 9.0 or later.
  • A web server running PHP 5.4.8 or later.
  • The OpenToken Adapter (included).
  • A PHP server with the following:
    • The cURL, mcrypt, mhash, and zlib extensions installed.
    • The correct time (recently synchronized).
    • The correct time zone. Set the correct time zone in your php.ini file. For example, date.timezone = America/Halifax;

      For a list of supported time zones, see Timezones in the PHP documentation.

  • The Appropriate Error reporting Level in php.ini file:

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT;

  • The installation script is designed for Apache HTTP server on a Linux platform derived from Red Hat.
  • The configuration archive assumes that your PHP server is on the same machine as PingFederate.