PingID Provisioner 1.1.1 – November 2021

  • Improved security by updating bundled components.

PingID Provisioner 1.1 – March 2021

  • Added support for user creation.
  • Added support for provisioning disabled users.
  • Added support for device management.
  • Added the Manage Devices and Primary Devices on Create settings.
  • Added the ability to upload the PingID properties file.

PingID Provisioner 1.0.1 – May 2018

  • Fixed disabling or deleting of users when User Update is false in configurable options.

PingID Provisioner 1.0 – March 2018

  • Initial release
  • Added support for PingID API v4.9
  • Added support for user life cycle management (including updates, disabling users, and deleting users)
  • Added configuration options for workflow capabilities (for example, the ability to disable updates)