If you already have a connection from PingOne to PingFederate, ensure that the Identity admin and Environment admin roles are enabled. Skip the steps below.

  1. Create credentials in PingOne:
    1. On the PingOne administrative console, go to Integrations > PingFederate and click the + icon.
    2. On the Create Connection Profile window, enter a connection name, then click Save.
    3. After the New Credential Created window opens, click Copy To Clipboard, then Done.
  2. Use the credentials to create a connection in PingFederate:
    1. On the PingFederate administrative console, go to System > External Systems > PingOne Connections and click + Add Connection.
    2. On the Add Connection window, paste the credential information in the Paste The Credential Here field.
    3. In the Connection Name field, enter a unique name and click Save.