By completing the steps below, you can show CIBA prompts on the mobile device that a user has paired with their PingOne MFA account.

For general information about CIBA, see Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) in the PingFederate documentation. Note that the CIBA Authenticator mentioned on that page is different from the PingOne MFA CIBA Authenticator.

For detailed information about the following steps, see CIBA request flow and CIBA prompt customizations.

Important: The CIBA setup section is optional and independent from the MFA setup section.
  1. In PingOne, complete the steps in Creating a CIBA authentication policy in PingOne.
  2. In PingFederate, complete the steps in Configuring a CIBA authenticator instance.
  3. In PingFederate, create a CIBA request policy as shown in Managing CIBA request policies in the PingFederate documentation.