PingOne Risk Integration Kit 1.3.1 — March 2023

  • Updated SDK version.

PingOne Risk Integration Kit 1.3 — September 2022

  • Changed the product name to PingOne Risk Integration Kit.
  • Added the ability to set a Policy ID as a chained attribute and use it to set the risk policy.
  • Added Signals SDK Javascript and mechanism to capture device profiling.
  • Added support for Risk Score as an attribute returned by the adapter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused page expired issues when the target application did not respond during within the Risk Timeout.

PingOne Risk Integration Kit 1.2.1 — February 2022

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when users attempted the get risk predictors action.

PingOne Risk Management Integration Kit 1.2 — September 2021

  • Added support for including third-party risk predictors in risk evaluations. For more information, see Using custom risk predictors.
  • Improved the PingOne Risk Policy list by clarifying that the default selection uses the default PingOne Risk policy.
  • Improved the clarity of the tooltips in the adapter configuration.
  • Improved the device profiling script by excluding low-value attributes, such as fonts, touchSupport, webgl and audio. This reduces the size of the device profile cookie by up to 86% without impacting the quality of the risk evaluations.

PingOne Risk Management Integration Kit 1.1 — March 2021

  • Added support for pre-populating adapter settings based on the selected PingOne environment. Available in PingFederate 10.2 or later.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when the adapter received an unexpected attribute type.
  • Fixed an issue that skipped device profiling in Internet Explorer 11 when "Captured by this device" was selected.

PingOne Risk Management Integration Kit 1.0 — December 2020

  • Initial release.
  • Added support for getting risk results and transaction information from PingOne Risk.
  • Added the ability to send a device profile and transaction information to PingOne Risk.
  • Added the ability to add device profiling into any browser-based authentication source.
  • Added support for risk models based on user behavior, IP reputation, geovelocity, and anonymous network detection.
  • Added the ability to map any PingOne Risk API response attribute to an attribute in the PingFederate authentication policy.
  • Added authentication success/failure reporting to PingOne Risk.
  • Added the ability to test the connection to PingOne Risk.
  • Added support for the JavaScript Widget for the PingFederate Authentication API.
  • Added support for the PingFederate authentication API.
  • Added settings for API connection and request timeouts.
  • Added settings to override the PingFederate system-default proxy settings.