PingOne Verify Integration Kit 2.2.1 – August 2023

  • The adapter now syncs its dependencies with PingFederate 11.3.

PingOne Verify Integration Kit 2.2 – July 2023

  • Added an adapter configuration option to reset a user’s verification status for every sign-on attempt.
  • Added support for password reset in the PingOne Verify adapter. To ensure maximum security, the password reset flow requires full verification for all users, even if they're already verified.

    For password reset and sign-on flows, a malicious user might try to reset the password of an account other than their own by using their own ID. To prevent this, set up a comparison in the PingFederate policy to check if the identity verified matches the user's record. After the PingOne Verify Integration Kit succeeds, confirm that the first and last names of the verified ID match those in the directory for the username that was entered on the sign-on or forgot password page.

  • Fixed an issue where administrators had to map whether to block or bypass authentication for a user with a disabled verify status in Service Unavailable Failure Mode instead of User Not Found Failure Mode.

PingOne Verify Integration Kit 2.1 – December 2022

  • Added support for Facial-Comparison- only policy in the adapter.
  • Added support for the Verify policy.
  • Added support for the PingOne Verify Mobile SDK version 2 with QR verification flows.

PingOne Verify Integration Kit 2.0 – July 2022

  • Added support for web authentication flow.
  • Added gender, issuingCountry, nationality, and weight as core attributes.
  • Add selfie and metadata as option attributes.
  • Removed support for PingOne Verify Mobile SDK.

PingOne Verify Integration Kit 1.1 – July 2021

  • Added support for changes to PingOne Verify, including:
    • The adapter now gets the user's verifyEnabledState attribute when getting the verification result
    • Updated the list of core contract attributes to support changes to the structure of the verifiedUserData attribute
    • Added support for change to the flow behavior when the verifyDocument flag is off
    • Updated the core contract to support changes in PingOne Verify:
      Change description Version 1.0 Version 1.1

      Attribute name change

      verificationStatus transactionStatus

      Attribute name change

      dateOfBirth birthDate

      Attribute name change/merge

      addressLine1 addressStreet

      Attribute name change/merge


      Attribute name change

      city addressCity

      Attribute name change

      state addressState

      Attribute name change

      postalCode addressZip

      Attribute name change

      documentId idNumber

      New attribute

Tip: For upgrade instructions, see Deploying the integration files.

PingOne Verify Integration Kit 1.0 – January 2021

  • Initial release.
  • Added the ability to direct users to an identity verification app as part of a sign-on or registration flow.
  • Added the ability to control which message pages (templates) are shown to the user.
  • Added the ability to customize template messages using a language pack file.
  • Added the ability to test the connection to PingOne Verify.
  • Added a setting to automatically provision new users to PingOne.
  • Added settings to control how the adapter handles sign-on and registration attempts when errors occur.
  • Added support for the platform connection to PingOne introduced in PingFederate 10.2.
  • Added support for the PingFederate authentication API.
  • Added support for the JavaScript Widget for the PingFederate Authentication API.
  • Added settings for API connection and request timeouts.
  • Added settings to override the PingFederate system-default proxy settings.