For a complete technical description of JSON Pointer syntax, see JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Pointer on

Example PingOne Verify JSON payload

For information on example JSON payloads, see Verification MetaData and Verified Data in the PIngOne Platform API Reference documentation.

JSON Pointer syntax

The following attributes are already included in the core contract, so you do not need to add them to the PingOne Verify Response Mappings table. We have included them here to help you understand the JSON Pointer mapping scheme for newly-added PingOne Verify attributes.

Description JSON Pointer Example value
Verification transaction status /transactionStatus/status SUCCESS
User's first name (from their photo ID) /_embedded/verifiedData/0/data/firstName Alice
User's selfie /_embedded/verifiedData/0/data/IMAGE
User's metadata /_embedded/metaData
User's state (from their photo ID) /_embedded/verifiedData/0/data/addressState CA
User's date of birth (from their photo ID) /_embedded/verifiedData/0/data/birthDate 1980-01-20
Note: To populate an attribute with the entire JSON response, leave the attribute mapping field blank.