1. If you are upgrading from version 2.x of the integration kit, note the configuration details of your existing adapter instance, and then delete the adapter instance. Restore your configuration as you complete the steps below.
  2. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters. Click Create new Instance.
  3. On the Type tab, set the basic adapter instance attributes.
    1. In the Instance Name field, enter a name for the adapter instance.
    2. In the Instance ID field, enter a unique identifier for the adapter instance.
    3. From the Type list, select RSA SecurID IdP Adapter. Click Next.
  4. Optional: On the IdP Adapter screen, configure additional RSA Authentication Manager servers to try, in order, in case the primary server fails to respond.
    1. In the Failover Servers section, click Add a new row to 'Failover Servers'.
    2. In the RSA Base API URL field, enter the complete URL and endpoint of the RSA Authentication Manager server.
    3. If you want to skip hostname verification to prevent errors, clear the Verify HTTPS Hostname checkbox.
    4. In the Action column, click Update.
    5. To add another property, repeat steps a-d.
  5. On the IdP Adapter tab, configure the adapter instance by referring to RSA SecurID IdP Adapter settings reference. Click Next.
  6. On the Actions screen, test your connection to the RSA Authentication API. Resolve any issues that are reported, and then click Next.
  7. On the Extended Contract tab, add any attributes that you want to include in the contract. Click Next.
  8. On the Adapter Attributes tab, set pseudonym and masking options as shown in Set pseudonym and masking options in the PingFederate documentation. Click Next.
  9. On the Adapter Contract Mapping tab, configure the contract fulfillment details for the adapter as shown in Define the IdP adapter contract in the PingFederate documentation. Click Next.
  10. On the Summary tab, check and save your configuration. Click Save.
  11. Create or modify a connection to the service provider using the RSA SecurID IdP Adapter instance. See SP connection management in the PingFederate documentation.