Tip: For this configuration, you need to know your Salesforce.com Organization ID (you can use more than one ID as needed). Organization IDs are listed under Company Information in your Salesforce Administration Setup.
  1. Log on to the PingFederate administrative console and click Adapters under My IdP Configuration on the Main Menu.
  2. On the Manage IdP Adapter Instances screen, click Create New Instance.
  3. On the Type screen, enter an Instance Name and Instance Id.

    The Name is any you choose for identifying this Adapter Instance. The Id is used internally and must be alphanumeric without any spaces.

    Tip: Make a note of the Adapter Id for later use.
  4. Select Salesforce.com Adapter from the Type list and click Next.
  5. On the IdP Adapter screen, under Allowed Organization(s):
    1. Click Add a new row to ‘Allowed Organization(s)’.
    2. Enter your Salesforce Org ID.
    3. Click Update.
    4. Repeat these steps for any other Salesforce IDs at your site, as needed.
  6. Optional: If SSO to a target application requires the user’s organizational role and/or profile, select the associated checkbox.

    Note that this selection marginally increases processing time for the SSO transaction.

  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Adapter Attributes screen, select the checkbox next to subject under Pseudonym.

    Pseudonyms are opaque subject identifiers used for SAML account linking and may not be applicable in the context of cloud-identity deployments. To ensure correct PingFederate performance under all circumstances, however, a selection is required. (For information about account linking, refer to the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual, or click Help on this screen.)

  9. On the Summary screen, verify that the information is correct and click Done.
  10. On the Manage IdP Adapter Instances screen, click Save.