SCIM Provisioner 1.6 – June 2024

  • Added the ability to request specific OAuth scopes to the OAuth 2 client credentials authentication method. Learn more in SCIM provisioner settings reference.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a JSON parsing error if non-standard fields were present in the SCIM 2.0 Enterprise User Schema Extension.

SCIM Provisioner 1.5.2 – September 2023

  • Fixed an issue with type sub-attribute case sensitivity that caused a NullPointerException error. Type sub-attribute values for phone numbers and photos are now case insensitive.

SCIM Provisioner 1.5 – December 2022

  • Added support for user custom attributes for SCIM 2.0.
  • Added homeEmail and otherEmail attributes.

SCIM Provisioner 1.4.2 – August 2021

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Check Connection function to fail when correct credentials were provided.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a NullPointerException error when the photo attribute was empty.

SCIM Provisioner 1.4 – December 2020

  • Added support for the PATCH method for group updates.
  • Improved backward compatibility for SCIM 1.1 headers.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the provisioner to parse groups incorrectly.

SCIM Provisioner 1.3 – March 2020

  • Added support for the application/scim+json HTTP header type.
  • Improved support for services that limit the number of groups that can be retrieved per request by adding a Results Per Page field in the connection configuration.
  • Improved the SCIM URL field in the connection configuration to work regardless of whether a trailing slash (/) is included in the URL.
  • Fixed an issue that caused connection tests to return a success when the wrong credentials were used.
  • Fixed an issue that caused groups to be serialized incorrectly.

SCIM Provisioner 1.2 – March 2019

  • Added configuration options for the Unique User Identifier.
  • Improved error handling and reporting for cases where users in the target application do not have an ID.

SCIM Provisioner 1.1 – July 2018

  • Added the option to provision groups with common name (CN) or distinguished name (DN).
  • Fixed an issue where SCIM v2 requests included SCIM v1.1 schema URN’s.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue when multiple SCIM SaaS connectors are deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where the NO_CONTENT HTTP response code was not being handled.
  • Fixed an issue where the SERVER_ERROR HTTP response code was not being handled.
  • Fixed an issue where the user’s active status was not updated correctly on update requests.
  • Fixed an issue where SCIM v2 errors descriptions were not logged correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty return body on a user PUT would cause a JSON parse exception.

SCIM Provisioner 1.0 – October 2017

  • Initial release.
  • Included support for user provisioning.
  • Included support for group provisioning.
  • Included support for adding users to groups.
  • Included support for SCIM core and enterprise attributes.
  • Included support for basic authentication, OAuth 2 bearer token and OAuth 2 client credentials authentication.
  • Included support for SCIM overrides (Filter expression, authorization header type, users API path, groups API path).
  • Included configuration options for CRUD capabilities.
  • Included configuration options for provisioning disabled users.
  • Included configuration options for deprovisioning actions.