Configuration settings are stored in the web application properties collection with the key "PingClaimsProviderConfig". The configuration is stored in JSON format in plain text (unencrypted).

Note: If using the Secure Store Application Id feature, the credentials will be encrypted (see below).
$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication <web app URL>\$webApp.Properties["PingClaimsProviderConfig"]\

Secure Storage Configuration

Configuring a Secure Store Target Application encrypts the credentials necessary for the LDAP query used in the People Picker. To set up a Secure Store Target Application for the Ping Identity People Picker, use the following steps.

  1. Create a new Secure Store Target Application and populate: Target Application ID, Display Name, and Contact E-mail. Use Group for the Target Application Type. Click Next.
  2. Use the field types Username and Password for the User Name and Password fields, respectively. Click Next.
  3. Select an account to administer the application in the Target Application Administrators field. In the Members field, enter a list of users who will have access the target application. Click OK to complete the setup.