1. Sign on to Slack as an Admin or workspace Owner.
    If you don't already have a Slack workspace, create one. For help, see Getting started for workspace creators in the Slack documentation.
  2. Go to the Slack Your Apps window.
  3. Click Create New App.
  4. On the Create a Slack App modal, enter a name and select a workspace. Click Create App.
  5. On the Basic Information window, in the App Credentials section, note the Client ID and Client Secret.
    You will use these in Getting a Slack API access token.
  6. In the navigation pane, click OAuth & Permissions.
  7. On the OAuth & Permissions window, in the Redirect URLs section, add the Ping Identity OAuth Configuration Service (OCS).
    1. Click Add New Redirect URL.
    2. In the Redirect URLs field, enter the following:
    3. Click Add. Click Save URLs.
  8. In the Scopes section, add the admin scope.
    1. In the User Token Scopes section, click Add an OAuth Scope.
    2. Select Admin.
  9. Submit your app to the Slack App Directory.

    This step is required for Slack Enterprise Grid, but optional for other Slack plans.

    1. In the navigation pane, click Manage Distribution.
    2. In the Remove Hard Coded Information section, select the I've reviewed and removed any hard-coded information check box.
    3. Click Activate Public Distribution.