In Symantec VIP, a credential is an authentication method, such as voice or SMS, that is paired with a unique credential ID. The credential ID is shown on the user's VIP Access mobile app, or their physical VIP security token or card.

Adding credentials

When you create a user account in Symantec VIP, you need to add at least one credential for the user. Additional credentials let the user sign on with different devices or authentication methods.

You can add additional credentials on behalf of a user as shown in Adding credentials as an administrator, or you can allow users to add their own credentials through the Symantec VIP Adapter sign on page as shown in Adding credentials as a user.

The Suppress Add Credentials setting in the Symantec VIP Adapter instance configuration determines whether users are allowed to add credentials.

Resetting credentials

If a user fails to authenticate twice in a row, the Symatec VIP Adapter prompts the user to reset their credentials as shown in Resetting credentials as a user. This self service prevents users from locking their accounts and reduces the workload for administrators.