ThreatMetrix Integration Kit 1.4 - September 2021

  • Add the ability to configure how unknown sessions are handled.
  • Added the ability to disable update API calls to ThreatMetrix.

ThreatMetrix Integration Kit 1.3 - June 2021

  • Updated the tmx_sdk_profiling.js script to use the latest code from ThreatMetrix.
  • Fixed an issue that, after upgrading the adapter, caused an error when using the administrative API to bulk import an earlier version of the adapter.

ThreatMetrix Integration Kit 1.2 - May 2021

  • Added support for the transaction failure callback added in PingFederate 10.2. PingFederate can now signal ThreatMetrix when a transaction fails, which can affect future risk evaluations. Requires PingFederate 10.2 or later.
  • Added support for ThreatMetrix reason codes. After a transaction, the reason codes provided by ThreatMetrix are now available in the PingFederate authentication policy in the reasonCode attribute.
  • Added support for authentication via mobile and native apps. See Device profiling methods.
  • Updated the Device Profiling setting labels for clarity and to accommodate mobile and native apps.
    1.1 Device Profiling Settings 1.2 Device Profiling Settings
    Captured by this adapter Create new device profile
    Captured by a previous adapter Use existing ThreatMetrix session ID
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when an attribute in the Additional User Attributes table had no value. Attributes with empty values are now ignored.

ThreatMetrix Integration Kit 1.1 - October 2020

  • Changed the adapter to retrieve a JSON-encoded (instead of URL-encoded) response from ThreatMetrix. The adapter can now make the entire response available in a single attribute in the PingFederate authentication policy.
  • Combined the API connection and request timeout settings.
  • Added support for the JavaScript Widget for the PingFederate Authentication API.

ThreatMetrix Integration Kit 1.0 - July 2020

  • Initial release.
  • Added support for getting risk assessments and additional data from ThreatMetrix.
  • Added support for the ThreatMetrix "Web" and "SDK" device profiling scripts.
  • Added the ability to add device profiling into any browser-based authentication source or web application.
  • Added the ability to send user attributes to ThreatMetrix.
  • Added the ability to map any ThreatMetrix API response attribute to an attribute in the PingFederate authentication policy.
  • Added support for the PingFederate authentication API.
  • Added a setting to handle failed risk assessment requests.
  • Added settings for API connection and request timeouts.
  • Added settings to override the PingFederate system-default proxy settings.