This section describes how to deploy a custom WAM plug-in for both Token Processors and Token Generators.

  1. If you are creating a WAM plug-in for any third-party WAM product not bundled with this kit, you must complete the tasks in the WAM plug-in SDK README.txt file located in the <token_translator_install_dir>/sdk directory.
    Note: Contact the third-party vendor support department to obtain required third-party WAM API libraries for creating a WAM plug-in to interact with PingFederate.
  2. If you are deploying for a third-party WAM product, copy the resultant WAM plug-in output JAR file pf-<WAM_TYPE>-plugin.jar from the <token_translator_install_dir>/sdk/samples/<WAM_TYPE> directory into the <PF_install>/pingfederate/server/default/deploy directory.

The WAM Token Translator requires a plug-in to connect with a specific WAM product (see the WAM plug-in SDK in the distribution package for sample code and more details on building the plug-in).

Note: The WAM plug-in SDK is designed specifically to connect the WAM Token Translator with a third-party WAM product, using an API provided by the vendor.