This section describes how to install the WAM Token Translator to configure the Token Processor, the Token Generator, or both.

Note: If you have already deployed version 2.5.1 (or higher) of the OpenToken Adapter, skip steps 1 through 3 in the following procedure.
  1. Stop the PingFederate server if it is running.
  2. Remove any existing OpenToken Adapter files (opentoken*.jar) from the directory:


    The adapter JAR file is opentoken-adapter-<version>.jar.

    Note: If the adapter Jar filename indicates version 2.1 or less, also delete the supporting library opentoken-java-1.x.jar from the same directory.
  3. Unzip the token translator distribution file and copy opentoken-adapter-2.5.1.jar from the /dist directory to the PingFederate directory.


  4. From this distribution, copy the following file to the /server/default/deploy directory in your PingFederate server installation:


  5. If you are running PingFederate 6.0 as a Windows service, then:

    Edit the Java Library Path section of the configuration file

    pingfederate/sbin/wrapper/PingFederateService.conf, adding the line:

  6. Start the PingFederate server.