This section describes how to deploy the pre-built RSA-compatible WAM plug-in for both Token Processor and Token Generators.

  1. The additional RSA API libraries for creating a WAM plug-in to interact with PingFederate are included in the <token_translator_install_dir>/dist/rsa directory.
    • axm-runtime-api-6.1.4.jar
    • jsafeFIPS-6.1.jar
    • jsafeJCEFIPS-6.1.jar
  2. Copy the RSA API libraries from the <token_translator_install_dir>/dist/rsa into:

    <PF_install>/pingfederate/server/default/deploy directory.

  3. Copy the pf-rsa-plugin.jar from the <token_translator_install_dir>/dist/rsa directory into:


  4. Complete the Token translator installation prior to restarting the PingFederate server.