By creating a custom integration to represent PingFederate in Workplace from Facebook, you can generate an access token.
Note: Workplace from Facebook automatically deactivates custom integrations that have not been active for 60 days. For details, see Custom integration deactivation policy in the Workplace documentation.
  1. Sign on to Workplace as an administrator.
  2. From the Admin Panel, go to Integrations.

    Screen capture of the Workplace from Facebook administration menu with Integrations highlighted.
  3. Click Create Custom Integration.
  4. On the Create Custom Integration dialog, enter a name and description of your choosing. Click Create.
  5. Click Create Access Token.
  6. On the New Token Created dialog, note the access token value.
    You will use this in Configuring provisioning.

    Screen shot of the Workplace from Facebook "New Token Created" dialog.
  7. Select I understand, and then click Done.
  8. On the Integration Details window, in the Integration Permissions section, select Manage accounts.
  9. Optional: Select Automatically invite people to Workplace as soon as they're added using this integration.
  10. Optional: Enable the App secret proof feature.
    1. In the Integration Details section, note the App Secret value.
      You will use this in Configuring provisioning.
    2. In the Security Settings section, turn on Require App Secret Proof.
  11. Click Save.