1. Sign on to Workplace as an administrator.
  2. From the Admin Panel, go to Security.
  3. On the Authentication tab, select the Single-sign on (SSO) check box.

    Turning on single sign-on (SSO) lets you get the details for the outbound provisioning configuration. Once you have the configuration details, you can turn off the Workplace from Facebook SSO setting or finish configuring SSO in PingFederate. For instructions, see Configuring single sign-on.

  4. In the SSO Providers section, click Add new SSO Provider or open preferences for an existing one.
  5. Note the company ID from the Audience URL field. For example, if your audience URL is https://www.workplace.com/company/1234567891234567, your ID is 1234567891234567.
  6. Note the company subdomain from the Recipient URL field. For example, if your recipient URL is https://mycompany.workplace.com/work/saml.php, your subdomain is mycompany.

    Screen capture of the SAML details shown on Workplace from Facebook.

    You will use the ID and subdomain details again in Creating a provisioning connection.

  7. Close the Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup dialog.
  8. Clear the Single-sign on (SSO) check box.
  9. Copy the SAML details to the .xml metadata file used to configure the connection in PingFederate.
    1. In a text editor, open the workplacebyfacebook-saml-metadata.xml file that is included in the Workplace from Facebook Provisioner .zip archive.
    2. In the .xml file, replace COMPANY_ID with the company ID that you noted.
    3. In the .xml file, replace COMPANY_SUBDOMAIN with the subdomain that you noted.
    4. Save the changes to workplacebyfacebook-saml-metadata.xml.
      You will use this file in Configuring provisioning.