For with these steps, see SP connection management in the PingFederate documentation.

  1. In the PingFederate administrator console, create a new SP connection:
    • For PingFederate 10.1 or later: go to Applications > Integration > SP Connections. Click Create Connection.
    • For PingFederate 10.0 or earlier: go to Identity Provider > SP Connections. Click Create Connection.
  2. On the Connection Template tab, select Do not use a template for this connection.
  3. On the Connection Type tab, select Browser SSO Profiles. Click Next.
  4. On the Connection Options tab, click Next.
  5. On the Import Metadata tab, select None. Click Next.
  6. On the General Info tab, enter the entity ID and choose a name for the connection. Click Next.
  7. On the SAML Profiles tab, select IdP-Initiated SSO and any other profiles you need.
  8. On the Assertion Lifetime tab, click Next.
  9. On the Assertion Creation tab, configure the assertion creation. Click Next.

    See Configuring SSO token creation in the PingFederate documentation.

    1. On the Authentication Source Mapping tab, click Map New Authentication Policy.
    2. On the Authentication Policy Contract tab, in the Authentication Policy Contract list, select the policy contract that you created in Create a policy contract. Click Next.
    3. On the Attribute Contract Fulfillment tab, in the Source list, select Authentication Policy Contract.
    4. In the Value list, select the attribute that contains the Workspace ONE device ID. Click Next.
  10. On the Assertion Creation tab, click Next.
  11. On the Protocol Settings tab, configure the protocol settings. Click Next.

    See Configuring Protocol Settings in the PingFederate documentation.

  12. On the Protocol Settings tab, click Next.
  13. On the Summary tab, click Done.
  14. On the Browser SSO tab, click Next.
  15. On the Credentials tab, configure the connection credentials as shown in Configuring credentials in the PingFederate documentation. Click Next.
  16. On the Activation and Summary tab, above the Summary section, click the toggle to turn on the connection. Click Save.