Attribute Description
ComplianceStatus True if the status is compliant with MDM policies; false otherwise.
CompromisedStatus True if the device is compromised; false otherwise.
DataEncryptionYN True if data protection is enabled; false otherwise.
DeviceFriendlyName The concatenated name used to identify the device/user combination.
EnrollmentStatus True if MDM value is Enrolled; false otherwise.
Imei IMEI number of the device.
LastComplianceCheckOn The refresh date and timestamp of the last status reported.
LastCompromisedCheckOn The refresh date and timestamp of the last status reported.
LastSeen Date and time the device last made successful contact with the MDM.
LocationGroupName MDM location group configuration value.
MacAddress The Wi-Fi MAC address.
Model Model is automatically reported by the device during registration.
OperatingSystem OS version.
Ownership Values: C, E, or S (Corporate, Employee, or Shared).
PhoneNumber Phone number entered during registration.
Platform Platform specified during registration.
SerialNumber Serial number.
UserEmailAddress E-mail address of device user.
UserName Name of device user.