For more information, see Getting Started with SSO in the Zoom documentation.

  1. Sign on to the Zoom Single sign-on page as an administrator.
  2. Click Enable Single Sign-On.
  3. In the Sign-in page URL field, enter https://pf_host:pf_port/idp/SSO.saml2.
  4. Optional: In the Sign-out page URL field, enter https://pf_host:pf_port/idp/SLO.saml2.
  5. In the Identity Provider Certificate field, enter the contents of your PingFederate signing certificate, without the Begin Certificate and End Certificate lines.

    To get your certificate, see "Exporting a certificate" in Managing digital signing certificates and decryption keys in the PingFederate documentation.

  6. Note the Service Provider (SP) Entity ID. You will use this in Creating a single sign-on connection.
  7. In the Issuer (IDP Entity ID) field, enter the SAML 2.0 Entity ID that you created in Enabling single sign-on in PingFederate.
  8. For Binding, select a method.
  9. For Signature Hash Algorithm, click SHA-256.
  10. For Security, select Sign SAML request and Save SAML response logs on user sign-in.
  11. From the Provision User list, select Prior to Sign-In. Click Save Changes.