Field Name Description
User Create

Selected (default) – PingFederate creates users in Zoom.

Cleared – PingFederate does not create users in Zoom.

User Update

Selected (default) – PingFederate updates existing users in Zoom. PingFederate can also re-enable disabled users in Zoom.

Cleared – PingFederate does not update existing users in Zoom.

User Disable / Delete

Selected (default) – PingFederate removes users in Zoom according to the Remove User Action setting.

Cleared – PingFederate does not disable or delete users in Zoom.


If any of the above options are cleared, PingFederate logs a warning in the user workflow section of provisioner.log when the related action fails.

Remove User Action
This option applies when:
  • User Disable / Delete is selected, and
  • a previously-provisioned user no longer meets the condition set on the Source Location tab, or
  • a user has been disabled or deleted from the data store.

Disable (default) – PingFederate disables the user in Zoom.

Delete – PingFederate deletes the user from Zoom.