Attribute Description
Username The user's unique identifier in Zscaler. The expected format is user@domain.

This attribute is required.

Email The user's email address.
Display Name The user's display name. For example, "Barb Jensen".
Nickname The user's nickname. For example, "Barb" instead of "Barbara".
First Name The user's first name. For example, "Barbara" in "Ms. Barabara Jane Jensen, III".
Last Name The user's last name. For example, "Jensen" in "Ms. Barabara Jane Jensen, III".
Formatted Name The user's complete name, including all middle names, titles, and suffises. For example, "Ms. Barbara Jane Jenson, III".
Department The user's department or work group, such as "Sales".

If no department is specified, Zscaler sets a default value of Service Admin.

Division The user's division in the organization.
Organization The user's organization.
Cost Center The user's cost center location.
User type The type of user in the organization. For example, "Employee", "Contractor", "Intern", or "Temp".
External ID A string identifier assigned to a person by the provisioning client.