Before you install PingFederate Bridge, make sure that you have the following in place:

  • You must have a PingOne for Enterprise account and be connected to the PingFederate identity repository. For more information see Connect to PingFederate Bridge.
  • You must be logged into a system with appropriate privileges to install and run an application.
  • A supported version of the Java runtime environment must be installed as explained in Installing Java.

    The JAVA_HOME system environment variable must be set to the Java installation directory path. Also, the full path to the Java bin directory must be added to the Path system environment variable.

  1. Download the PingFederate installer for Windows from PingOne for Enterprise.
  2. Run the installer and follow the installation steps.

    When the installation has finished, you see the Completed the PingFederate Setup Wizard window.

  3. Click the link to open the PingFederate administrative console in a browser where you can begin the initial setup.
    Important: On the PingFederate administrative console, select Yes, Connect to PingOne for Enterprise to begin your PingFederate Bridge setup.