PingFederate Bridge comes bundled with the PingID integration kit and the following adapters:

  • Composite Adapter
  • HTML Form IdP Adapter
  • HTTP Basic IdP Adapter
  • Identifier First Adapter
  • Kerberos Adapter
  • OpenToken IdP Adapter
  • PingID Adapter
  • Reference ID IdP Adapter
  • X.509 Certificate IdP Adapter

Additional integration kits are available on the PingFederate download page under the Add-ons tab.

  1. Go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters.
  2. In the Manage IP Adapter Instances window, choose from the following options.
    Create New Instance Configure a new instance
    <Existing instance link> under Instance Name Modify an existing instance
    Check Usage Review the usage of an existing instance
    Delete or Undelete Remove an existing instance or cancel the removal

    By default, PingFederate Bridge automatically checks multi-connection errors whenever you access this window. This verifies that configured connections are not adversely affected by changes made here.

    If you experience noticeable delays in accessing this page, you can disable automatic connection validation. Go to System > Server > General Settings.