To authenticate manually from your mobile device to access resources on the same device, you need:
  • A device with PingID mobile app 1.8.4 or later, that is already paired with your account and with which you have successfully authenticated at least once.
You will not be asked to authenticate manually often, but be aware that authenticating manually is slightly different than the normal sign on process.
  1. From a mobile device that is paired with PingID, open a browser window and sign on to your account, or access the application that requires authentication.

    If you have more than one device paired with your account, a list of all your currently paired devices appears. Select the device you want to use to authenticate.

    A Manual Authentication message appears with the Authenticating On section and the Next option.
    A screen capture of the Manual Authentication message requesting that you authenticate manually and displaying the devices paired to your account.
  2. Click Next.

    A screen capture of the Manual Authentication message requesting you to use a QR code to manually authenticate.

    If you are trying to access resources on a device that is not your authenticating device, such as a different mobile device or an iPad that is not paired with PingID, click Use QR Code, and follow the steps outlined in Authenticating manually to access resources on your computer.

    A Manual Authentication message appears.
  3. Tap Authenticate, and authenticate with your device biometrics, if required.
    PingID mobile app opens automatically, and you receive an Authentication Code.
    A screen capture of the Authentication Code.
  4. Tap Copy, and then return to your web browser.
  5. In the web browser, tap the Authentication Code field and paste the code into the field. Click Sign on.

    A screen capture of the Manual Authneication window with the Authentication Code field with an entry and the Sign On button.
You are successfully authenticated and signed on to your account or app.