1. Download and install the PingID application to your mobile device.
    • Android: Download from the Google Store or Play Store.
    • iOS: Download from the Apple Store.

    Make sure to install PingID and not PingOne.

  2. After installing PingID on your device, to pair the device with the SSH system, sign on to the server with your username and password.:
    The following pairing terminal window appears.
    Screen capture showing PingID pairing terminal window
  3. Enter the pairing key displayed in the window on your device.

    In this example, the key is 334071658004.

  4. Tap the green Pair Device button on your device and complete your user profile.
  5. After your device completes the pairing process, return to the SSH server and enter 1 on the terminal.
    The PingID slider appears on your device.
    Screen capture of the PingID device registration slider
  6. Move the slider up and your authentication is complete.
The slider is now the second authentication factor when signing on to the SSH service that is protected by PingID.