1. Sign on to your Windows machine.

    A screen capture of the Windows login page.
    The PingID registration window displays.


    Until you successfully complete the registration process, you cannot minimize the PingID registration window. If you close the window, you are automatically redirected back to the Windows login window.

  2. Click I want to use a different authentication method.
  3. In the Alternative Authentication window, in the Authentication Preference section, click Authentication using a hardware token. Click Next.

    A screen capture of the Alternative Authentication window.
    The Hardware Token Pairing window appears requesting the Serial number of your token.
    A screen capture of the Hardware Token Pairing window.
  4. In the Serial number field, enter your token serial number. Click Next.

    The serial number is usually printed on the back of your token.

    The OTP entry window is displayed
  5. Enter the OTP from your token. Click Verify.

    A screen capture of the Windows home desktop page.
    You are signed on to your Windows machine.
  6. The next time you sign on to your Windows machine:
    1. You receive a OTP through your hardware token.
    2. Enter the hardware token OTP in the Hardware Token Verification window.
    3. Click Sign On to authenticate and sign on.