PingID integration for Windows login 2.9 (January 3, 2023) - PingID

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Page created: 3 Jan 2023 |
Page updated: 4 Jan 2023

Windows login proxy settings auto-detection and PAC file support

We've enhanced the Windows login proxy configuration options, to include auto-detection of proxy settings. We've also added support for the use of Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file.

For information, see Installing the PingID integration for Windows login.

Apply Windows login to specific accounts

We've added the ability to select to which accounts you want to apply PingID (Microsoft, or Local). This is in addition to domain accounts, which are included by default.

For information, see Installing the PingID integration for Windows login.

User Verification discouraged support for security keys

To reduce friction to the user authentication flow, we've added the option to skip user verification for Windows login users.

Language support

We’ve added support for the following languages:
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

Specify username attribute

We've added the option to specify the attribute you want to use to verify users with Active Directory. This feature resolves a security issue.

Fixed an issue with Windows installer


Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the window installer to fail during an upgrade.

Fixed an issue with Windows login security keys for RDP


Fixed an issue that was causing the WL offline security keys to be deleted from the registry when signing on using RDP (Remote Desktop).