Desktop app 1.7.4 (January 23, 2023) - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

Page created: 23 Jan 2023 |
Page updated: 6 Mar 2023

New features and improvements in PingID desktop app 1.7.4.

Define a specific installation path

PingID desktop app
You can now specify the folder path to which you want to install PingID desktop app. Browse to the required path in the UI, or add the specific command through the CLI. For information, see Setting up PingID desktop authentication on Windows and Installing the desktop app using the Windows CLI.

Language support

PingID desktop app
PingID desktop app now supports the following additional languages:
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

Security and reliability

PingID desktop app
Improvements to security, performance, and reliability.

Issue unpairing PingID desktop app

PingID desktop app
We've fixed an issue related to unpairing PingID desktop app. For PingID desktop app users with a PIN code who want to unpair PingID desktop app, it is now required to enter the PingID Desktop PIN in order to unpair PingID desktop app. Users that forget their PIN code and want to unpair PingID must uninstall the app, reinstall the app, and then pair it again.