December 2022 - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

Page created: 12 Dec 2022 |
Page updated: 3 Jan 2023

New features and improvements in PingID implemented in December 2022.

December 15

PingID connector

The new PingID connector is available. This connector includes an increased set capabilities and is based on the PingOne API, and replaces the previous PingID connector (now called PingID Legacy Connector). For information, see PingID connector.

User Detailed Status Reports expanded

We've added the following new fields to the User Detailed Status Report:
  • fidoBackupEligibility (boolean): Indicates whether the FIDO device (FIDO biometrics, or FIDO security key) supports credentials backup to the cloud.
  • fidoBackupState (boolean): Indicates whether the FIDO device credentials are backed up to the cloud.
For devices that are already paired with PingID, these fields are updated on the fly.

December 14

PingID Activity report FIDO2 metadata expanded

We've expanded the metadata that relates to FIDO2 biometrics devices and security keys in the PingID Activity report, and improved the format in which it is presented.

December 13

New version of PingID Mobile app 1.31

PingID mobile app

Support of PingID mobile app PIN code

PingID now supports the use of a PIN code on the PingID mobile app. Admins can require PIN codes for devices that do not have a device PIN only, or for all devices. This feature is supported by PingID mobile app 1.31 or later. For information, see Configuring the PingID mobile app PIN.

Notify users of new PingID mobile app versions

PingID now enables you to notify your users that a new version of PingID mobile app is available. You can make updates mandatory, or optional, and specify the minimum version from which users are notified that an update is available. This feature is supported by PingID mobile app 1.31 or later. For information, see Enabling PingID mobile app update notifications.