We recommend enabling all PingID app permissions. If you accept all pop-up requests when you install PingID, all PingID permissions are enabled by default. If you need to enable them at a later date, you can do so through the PingID app settings on your device.


These settings apply to Android 6.x and later.

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Apps > PingID > Permissions.
  2. Enable the following permissions:
    Camera Enables PingID to access your camera so you can pair your device using the QR code.
    Location Enables PingID to access and incorporate location-based information to enhance security.
    Storage Enables PingID to access your device storage so PingID can access your photos when defining your profile.
    Telephone Enables PingID to use your phone settings so you can authenticate more securely from your mobile device.