If you do not have access to manage your devices from the My Devices page, contact your helpdesk to ask your administrator to help you to unpair the device.

  1. Access the PingID My Devices page:
    • During authentication: When the Authentication window opens, click Settings.
    • From your organization dock: In the top right hand Avatar menu, click Devices.
    • From a link provided by your IT department.
    The My Devices window opens, showing the devices you currently have paired with your account. The primary device is shown in green.
  2. Select your hardware token.

    You might be asked to authenticate using your primary (default) device.

  3. To expand the entry of the device you want to remove, click the Expand icon ().
  4. To remove the device, click the Delete icon.
    A message appears asking you to confirm your removal request.
  5. To confirm, click Remove.
  6. If you only have one device or authentication method paired with your account, the next time you sign on, register a device to access your account.