Use a voice call or SMS to receive an authentication passcode from PingID.
  • Voice call: you receive a phone call with an automated recording of your passcode
  • SMS: you receive an SMS with details of your passcode.

A screen capture of the PingID authentication passcode received through sms.

  1. Sign on to your account or an application that requires authentication.
    In the Authenticating window, you receive an SMS or voice message with the authentication passcode.
  2. In the Authenticating window, enter the passcode. Click Sign On.

    A screen capture of the Authentication window requesting the SMS passcode from your phone.


    If you didn't receive a passcode by SMS or voice call, click Resend Passcode.

You see a green Authenticated message with a check mark, indicating authentication is successful and your access is approved.

If you are using voice authentication, consider protecting your secure voice codes. You can protect them in one of two ways:

  • Change your voicemail password from the device default.
  • Disable voicemail.