• Ensure the Windows login passwordless client is installed on the relevant local and remote desktop machine.
  • Pair your device to authenticate with PingID and authenticate at least once.
You won't need to enter your password, but you will need to authenticate twice using PingID - when accessing the RDP and the second time when signing on to the remote Windows machine. Authentication varies slightly depending on your phone model, phone settings, and whether your device is locked or unlocked when sending the authentication request.
  1. Open your RDP window.
    mstsc -v <ipaddress>
    The Enter Your Credentials window opens.

  2. Enter your username, and then click Sign In with PingID.
    The Authenticating on... window appears, and an authentication notification request is sent to your mobile device.
    A screen capture of the Authenticating On... window.
  3. Authenticate with PingID mobile app.
    The remote desktop sign on window opens.