August 2022 - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

Page created: 2 Aug 2022 |
Page updated: 13 Sep 2022

New features and improvements in PingID implemented in August 2022.

August 31

Enforce PingOne FIDO policy for PingID

You can now choose to enforce PingOne FIDO policy for PingID during authentication and registration flows.

This feature is only available for organizations that are using a PingID environment that is integrated with PingOne or created by PingOne.

Only the default PingOne FIDO policy is enforced. For information, see Configuring the FIDO2 security key for PingID. For information about PingOne FIDO policy, see the PingOne documentation on FIDO policies.

August 30

New version of PingID RADIUS PCV 3.0

PingID Integration kit for PingFederate
A new version of PingID Integration Kit 2.18 is released with a new version of RADIUS PCV, which includes support for MS-CHAP v2, as well as other enhancements. For more information, see PingID Integration Kit 2.18 (August 30, 2022).

August 22

New version of PingID Integration for Windows login (version 2.8.4)


August 2

Improved user experience for one-time passcode

You can now send a push notification to your users, when requesting a one-time passcode (OTP). When the user taps the notification PingID mobile app opens automatically, and generates an OTP. For more information, see Configuring OTP push notifications.