July 2022 - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

Page created: 6 Jul 2022 |
Page updated: 2 Aug 2022

New features and improvements in PingID implemented in July 2022.

July 31

PingID reports - bypass expiration, mobile log support ID, failure reason

  • PingID Admin Activity reports now include the expiration date of bypasses issued to users.
  • PingID Activity reports now include the support ID given to mobile device logs that were received.
  • If you have created subscriptions to PingID events, the information returned now includes the reason for an authentication failure.

July 28

New version of PingID Mobile app 1.28

PingID mobile app

July 17

QR Code duration

You can now define the number of hours for which the QR code used to register a user is valid. For details, see Configuring pairing conditions.

PingID Enrollment page

The legacy enrollment page is now deprecated. All customers that did not upgrade earlier have been automatically migrated to the new enrollment page. All legacy settings specific to an organization's legacy configuration are automatically applied to the new enrollment page.

July 6

New version of PingID Integration for Mac login (version 1.1.1)