If direct passcode usage is enabled, users awaiting a push notification will see a Use Code button in their web browser, allowing them to bypass the push notification and authenticate directly with an OTP. This is a convenient option for users without a strong network connection.

  1. In the admin console, go to Setup > PingID > Configuration.
  2. In the One-Time Passcode Fallback section of the Authentication section, click Enable.
    A screen capture of the One-Time Passcode Fallback section, which contains the Direct Passcode Usage section.
    The Direct Passcode Usage section displays.
  3. In the Direct Passcode Usage section, click Enable.
  4. Click Save.
When a user authenticates through the web, they can click Use Code and enter the OTP that appears on the PingID mobile app, rather than waiting for a push notification to arrive or timeout. For more information, see Authenticating with PingID using a one-time passcode.
A screen capture of the PingID mobile app during authentication. The Use Code button is available.

If a user clicks Use Code, they can still authenticate using a push notification if it arrives before the user completes authentication using the OTP.