Edit the default policy and add one or more rules to the policy.


To apply PingID policy features that require IP address information, the client IP address must be provided. For more information, see Prerequisites: Pingfederate RADIUS server.

  1. In the admin portal, go to Setup > PingID > Policy, and click the RADIUS PCV and SSH tab.
    A screen capture of the PingID Policy page with the RADIUS PCV and SSH tab and configuration displayed.
  2. In the Allowed Methods section, select the authentication methods to allow for this policy.

    Only the methods selected become available in the rule authentication Actions list.


    You must select at least one authentication method. To include all authentication methods, including Deprecated authentication actions, select the All Methods check box. For a detailed description of available authentication methods at the policy and rule level, see Policy and rule authentication methods.

  3. In the Rules section, from the list, select and configure one or more policy rules.
    The chosen rule configuration section expands.
  4. Complete the rule section configuration.

    From the Action list, the default action selected determines which authentication action is performed if no other policy rule applies.

  5. Click Save.