Multiple keys can coexist, for example, for allowing time for rotating keys and the time it takes to phase in new keys and retire old ones. PingID checks all listed keys to verify a match with the key submitted in the authentication request.

The MDM does not retain multiple values for the same token. Support for multiple keys is provided through PingID.

  1. Go to Setup > PingID > DEVICE & PAIRING.
  2. In the DEVICE REQUIREMENTS section, click +Add.

    Screen capture of the PingID admin console showing the Device & Pairing tab after clicking +Add.
  3. From the Select a Condition list, select Mobile Device Management.
  4. Click the Expand icon for MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT REQUIRED.
  5. Click + Generate New Token to create a new PingID key for MDM.

    Screen capture of the expanded Mobile Device Management Required section.

    The generated date following each token indicates the date and time of its creation.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Copy the value of the new SHARED TOKEN key.
  8. Update the token key in the MDM system:
    1. Sign on to the MDM system, and go to the app configuration settings page.
    2. Update the PINGID_MDM_TOKEN token key.
    3. Delete the existing key value. In its place, paste the value of the new SHARED TOKEN key that you copied from the PingID admin portal.