1. In the PingOne admin portal, go to Users > Users by Service.
  2. From the list of services, click PingID.
  3. Click the Expand icon to expand the user activity panel for the relevant user.
    Screen capture showing the expanded user activity panel for a user in PingOne. The screen capture shows three expandable sections: Single Sign-On, Provisioning, and PingID.
  4. Click PingID to expand the entry.
  5. Click the Pencil icon next to the relevant secondary device, and then click Make Primary.
  6. When prompted, verify that you want to make that specific device the primary device for that user .
    Screen capture of the PingOne admin portal, PingID Devices section, showing the Pencil icon for a Desktop Mac device and the popup menu for the Make Primary, Unpair and Multi-select options when editing a user,
    The device is promoted to Primary. If Default to Primary is configured for your organization, the user is prompted to authenticate using the selected device by default.

    The user can still change their device during the authentication process.