In the Intune dashboard, configure Android work profile devices. For more information, see

This is an example configuration of Android for Work without G Suite. You can configure Android for Work for MDM with G Suite.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal at
  2. Go to Intune > Home > Client Apps > Managed Google Play.
    The Managed Google Play window opens.
  3. Click Open the Managed Google Play Store.

    A screen capture of the Managed Google Play window, highlighting the Open the Managed Google Play Store link.
    Google Play opens in a new browser tab or window.
  4. Search for the PingID app and select it.

    A screen capture of Google Play search results, showing the PingID app.
  5. Click Approve.

    A screen capture of the PingID app in Google Play.

    You might be prompted to sign on as a managed Google Play administrator. Do so.

    The Client Apps - Apps window is displayed.
  6. From the Apps list, click the PingID Google Play entry, and then from the left-hand menu, click Assignments.

    A screen capture of the Client Apps - Apps window.
    The PingID - Assignments window is displayed.
  7. In the PingID - Assignments window, assign the PingID Android app to user groups.

    To create, manage and assign apps to groups, see the relevant Intune documentation.

    A screen capture of the Assignments window.
  8. Go to Intune > Client Apps > App Configuration Policies, and then click Add.
    The Add Configuration Policy window is displayed.
  9. In the Name field, enter a name for the policy.
  10. In the Description field, add a description.

    A screen capture of the Add Configuration Policy window showing the Name field, the Description field, and the Device enrollment type list.
  11. From the Device Enrollment Type list, select Managed Devices.

    A screen capture of the Device Enrollment Type list with the options for Managed devices and Managed apps.
    The Platform list is displayed.
  12. From the Platform list, choose Android.

    A screen capture of the Platform list.
  13. At the bottom of the window, click Add.
    The Associated App tab is displayed.
  14. On the Associated App tab, click PingID.

    A screen capture of the Associated App tab. In this screen capture, the list of available apps include Intune Company Portal and PingID.
    The Configuration Settings tab is displayed.
  15. From the Configuration Settings Format list, select Use Configuration Designer.

    A screen capture of the Configuration Settings tab showing the Configuration Settings Format list with the options Use Configuration Designer and Enter JSON Data.
  16. In the Configuration Value field, enter the PingID MDM token, and then click Add.
See Adding the PingID app for Android in Microsoft Intune.